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We bring a great deal of experience and dedication to the table. We handle a wide range of personal injury cases, including those where a truck driving by another party was at fault. We realize such an accident can turn your world upside down. The injuries can be very serious and your vehicle may be destroyed. In some cases, people you love are killed due to such an accident. By hiring a truck accident lawyer in NJ to hold them accountable and get you the compensation you are entitled to by law.

Due to their size and their weight, even a slow speed collision with a large truck can result in serious injuries. The average 18 wheeler is about 80,000 pounds! The company they drive for or their own insurance provider needs to be liable for the medical bills and other expenses you incur as a result of that carelessness. You may be in a great deal of pain. It make take a long time for your injures to heal, and you may be out of work for quite some time due to all of it.

You already have enough on your plate with this issue, let us step in and take care of the legal aspect as your New Jersey truck accident lawyers. We can help you to determine the next steps to take in the process. We will fight hard to get you compensation and we know how to successfully apply the laws.

In addition to the force from the impact with a large truck, there is the risk of injuries or damages due to the cargo they have with them. This can include heavy items that fall on you or onto your vehicle. Sometimes, what they carry is dangerous including chemicals or flammable liquids.

Accident Injury
Accident Injury

Common Reasons for Truck Related Accidents

Even though truck drivers do that type of job day after day, they can make mistakes that cause an accident. Other times, it is a problem with the equipment that creates the accident. Unfortunately, if you are in the wrong place at that time, it can have dire consequences for you and for your family. Finding qualified truck accident lawyer in NJ can help you to build a case including verifying who was at fault, talking to witnesses, gathering your medical records, and determining the extent of damages to your vehicle and other property.

Driver Errors

Truck drivers can be distracted behind the wheel just like anyone else. They may be on the phone, tired, trying to eat, or their mind is wondering. They may make an error due to adverse weather conditions, not following basic traffic laws, or speeding. If they follow you too closely, they may not be able to stop in time when you do. Such drivers often have long days and they may be in a hurry to get where they are going.

Accident Injury

Equipment Problems

Not all of the truck related accidents we investigate in New Jersey are the result of a careless driver. They may be doing their job well, but the equipment they are operating has an issue. Parts can wear out and come on done. Cargo can fall off because it isn’t properly secured or due to high winds. Sometimes, brakes fail or a tire blows out.

There are many scenarios the driver may not be prepared for that can cause an accident to occur. A common one we see is equipment with blind spots. They prevent a truck driver from being able to successfully see others around them until it is too late. Always keep in mind, large trucks take up more space. Do your best to be aware of them and the risk that can happen to help lower your risk of being a victim of such an accident.

Why is a Truck Accident Lawsuit Different from Other Vehicles?

There are many reasons why you need a qualified attorney to handle your New Jersey truck related claim. Such incidents are very different than with other vehicles on the road. A commercial vehicle is held to higher standards. The drivers must have a CDL and they must comply with both state and Federal laws pertaining to their load types and weights.

Insurance Coverage

We already discussed the fact that they are larger and heavier, so when they are involved in an accident the injures tend to be more severe. Most commercial vehicles have more insurance coverage on them than the typical vehicle. The regulations ensure those policies are significantly higher. They can be $1 million or more when they are found to be liable for an accident. This allows us to work to get every dollar you deserve without reaching limits by their policy.

Your Own Insurance Coverage

Most drivers in New Jersey have selected the coverage for their own plan that is the least expensive. Yet that lack of coverage can harm you if you are injured. You will have a limitation for a lawsuit as part of your plan, and that means it affects your rights for how much you can legally pursue for a claim.

To have more rights, your insurance provider is going to charge you more money for your premium. As a result, most don’t have the coverage they really need. This can hurt you if you get hurt and you aren’t at fault. It can be difficult to prove you can’t work and that you have ongoing pain and suffering due to that accident.

Most residents of New Jersey though don’t realize those limits you agree to only pertain to other vehicles on the road such as cars and motorcycles. They don’t apply to commercial trucks, and that is very important. You may feel you can’t file a claim for compensation due to the limits on your own policy. We are here to share with you that you have the ability to gain additional compensation if you are entitled to it when you are hit by a truck and they are at fault.

How can we Help?

When you reach out to us, we can help to determine if you have a claim according to New Jersey law. The sooner you reach out to us on your own behalf or the behalf of a loved one, the faster we can gather important details about the incident. We are proud of our high success rate because we carefully investigate and we work closely with our clients.

We realize legal jargon can be tough to understand. There is no reason to worry though as we will explain it to you. We will also answer any questions you have at any time. There is never any cost to you up front to hire us. We know you have enough to deal with, and we don’t want to be one more financial strain on your household. You only pay us if we are able to get you a settlement, and that means we are motivated to get results!

Statistics Relating to New Jersey Truck Accidents

Being the victim of a truck accident in New Jersey isn’t going to be easy. There are serious injuries and even death reported due to those incidents. More than 100,000 people are injured annually with almost 4,000 being killed as a result of them in the USA. 97% of those who got hurt or killed were in another vehicle.

In New Jersey, there are some main areas where many truck trashes take place. They include the very busy I-95, Essex County, and Gloucester County. Some of them take place on city streets too. You have a legal right to be protected if you are a victim of such an accident. We are here to make sure your rights don’t get violated.

Every truck related claim is different and the injuries to each person in them are also different. We have to take a unique approach to your case to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. We realize this incident has changed many things in your life. We want to ensure financial issues aren’t going to compound what has changed for you. We will do all we can to get you positive results. While we can’t promise a settlement or a dollar amount, we can promise:

  • To help understand your rights
  • To help you understand the laws and how they apply to your case
  • To handle all of the paperwork involving your claim and working with the insurance company
  • To assist you with any property related claims due to the accident
  • To keep your medical bills organized and to ensure the providers of those services aren’t hounding you for payment
  • To keep you informed of the status of your case and next steps
  • To fully investigate what took place including talking to witnesses and talking to experts
  • To make sure the insurance company offers a fair settlement for your case
  • To take your case to court if a settlement can’t be reached with the insurance company
  • To help negotiate your medical bills to lower the cost of them

How would NJ Truck Accident Attorneys Investigate?

It takes, focus, dedication, and resources to fully investigate a truck related accident. We strongly urge you to contact us right away as the sooner we can get started, the more we can find. A police report should be filed when such an accident occurs and we will look closely at all of that information. You should always seek medical attention and we can look at those medical records too.

We are going to look much further than just this tip of the iceberg though. We are going to look at the history of the driver. Do they have a current CDL? Do have they have previous violations? Do they have a record on file with their employer that shows other complaints or accidents they were involved with? What is the overall reputation of the company? How many other insurance claims have been filed against them for a truck accident lawsuit?

Such information can start to paint a clearer picture for us. It can show if this was an isolated incident or it can show a person or a company has a history of negligence. We certainly don’t want to allow such carelessness to continue. It is time to hold them accountable and to press for positive changes so others don’t get hurt.

Each case is unique ,and we are going to carefully review the cases and gather the facts. We are going to look at pictures and we are going to talk to witnesses. If there is another elements in your case, we are going to pursue it. Our law firm doesn’t cut corners, but we will dig and dig for answers. This is what makes the difference with a solid case and one that has many holes in it.

We aren’t intimidated by big name truck companies either. We don’t feel they are above the law due to their history or the number of trucks they have out there on the road. They have an obligation to hire safe and aware drivers. They have an obligation to ensure their equipment is well maintained. We will look into everything so you don’t have the burden of doing so. We have the methods and the resources to get answers!

You Only Pay if you Win

We are also motivated to get a settlement for you so we can get paid. It takes money to talk to experts. It takes money to investigate a claim. We don’t get paid for any of it we do for your case though if you don’t get a settlement. You don’t have to worry about coming up with money to pay us when you are out of work. You can have peace of mind that we are working with your best interest in mind.

How much is my Case Worth?

We won’t be able to tell you how much your case is worth when you reach out to us. There is plenty of work that has to be done in order to come to those numbers. This includes your medical bills, the cost of ongoing medical care, how long you are unable to work, and the amount of pain and suffering you have incurred. You can be assured though or team will help you to get the best settlement possible based on New Jersey laws.

It is never a good idea to try to take on these truck companies or their insurance providers on your own. They will try to get out of paying you or they will pay you very little. Don’t be enticed by an offer immediately from them. They often do this so they don’t have to pay you for your missed work or your future medical bills. The amount of compensation needs to be parallel with all of those factors. When you hire us, you can get the benefits you deserve.

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