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If you or someone you love is attacked by a dog, you may have suffered damaged to your body. There is also the emotional suffering that goes along with such an attack. People don’t always keep a good eye on their pets, and they can get loose and be a risk to others. In fact, more than 4.5 million people around the USA are bitten by a dog they don’t own every single year. The owners of these animals need to be held accountable for what happened.

There can be plenty of pain that occurs due to a dog bite. It can be a time consuming process for the healing to take place. There may be scars in that part of the body that never go away. If you get bit by a dog, go see a doctor immediately. You may need to be given a shot if the history of the dog isn’t known. The goal will be to control the pain, promote the healing, and to reduce the risk of an infection.

Talking to a qualified dog bite lawyer in New Jersey with plenty of experience relating to dog bites is encouraged. They can help you to review the amount of money you deserve for your pain and your suffering involved with the incident. This should also cover the medical care you sought to help with the issue. In some instances, a dog bite can cause long term nerve damage and that is something a good attorney will fight to get you compensated for.

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Accident Injury

Animal Attack Attorney in New Jersey

There are over 90 million dogs around the USA as pets. Most of them are taken care of and they don’t harm anyone. However, there are numerous dog bit claims in New Jersey annually. Out of the 50 states, it ranked #9 with the highest number of them in 2017. This means there were plenty of people suffering the pain and the anxiety from a dog bite. Many of them had medical bills to cover associated with it. Getting help from an animal attack attorney in New Jersey for such a need is very important. Don’t try to take care of it on your own.

Severe Injury and Wrongful Death

Sadly, not everyone who gets bitten by someone else’s dog makes a full recovery. Some of them have severe injuries that prevent them from getting back to their normal lives. It can also prevent them from being able to return to work. There are also cases of wrongful death as a result of a dog bite. The majority of individual who die from a dog attack are either elderly or they are small children. Yet anyone can become such a victim.

Thankfully, most dog attacks and bites don’t result in someone dying. However, there can be some very serious injuries that take a long time to recover from. The most common injuries of this nature we handle cases for include:

  • Large amounts of blood lost
  • Broken or fractured bones
  • Puncture wounds and serious lacerations
  • Damages to nerves
  • Scarring
  • Disfigurement
  • PTSD
  • Shock
  • Damages to ligaments, tendons, or muscles
  • Psychological trauma

Larger breeds of dogs are the most likely to cause a great deal of injuries. In fact, they may not bite someone, but they can still cause plenty of injuries. They may knock someone over and that can result in them obtaining injuries as a result of that fall.

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What should you do if Attacked by a Dog in New Jersey?

If you are attacked by a dog in New Jersey, do all you can to deescalate the situation. You may have plenty of adrenalin at the time, and that makes it hard to realize your pain or the full extent of your injuries. It may start to really hurt hours later or even the next day. This is why you should seek immediate medical care. They will know what to look for and they can get you a tetanus shot if deemed necessary. Often, the doctor will prescribe antibiotics in addition to cleaning the wounded areas to help reduce the risk of an infection.

Do all you can to assist with your case by gathering the following information:

  • Identify the dog – If you or anyone else can take pictures of it that is very useful
  • Identify the owner – The owner may show up at the place of the attack and it is important to get pictures and a name if possible
  • Witnesses – anyone who was there to see the attack can be a witness we would like to talk to. Get their names and contact details if possible.
  • Injuries – Get records of the attack including the date and time. Take photos of the injured areas as soon as possible. Seeking medical care also ensures there is documentation of the extent of those injuries.

When you are fighting off a dog that is attacking you, it is hard to focus on gathering information at the same time. Don’t worry, when you reach out to us, we will do all we can to help gather any information you weren’t able to. The sooner you reach out to us, the better.

Take it Serious

Don’t look the other way if you get attacked by a dog. The dog needs to be identified when possible to reduce the risk of it happening again to someone else. The owner of that dog needs to be held accountable. You need to seek care for your injuries, no matter how minor they may seem at the time.

You don’t want to take a risk of long term damages or an infection developing. The sooner you get care, the less likely it is that you will have scars or a disfiguration. If you are bleeding, it is important to get it to stop as soon as possible. You will never be considered at fault as long as you didn’t take part in any action to provoke the dog.

As soon as you are able to, contact us so we can get your case in motion. It may take time to realize the depth of your injuries. You don’t need to wait until then to file a case. The sooner you do so, the more we will be able to do for you. If you aren’t able to work due to the injuries or you need extensive medical care, we will fight to get you compensated for it.

Make sure Children are well Aware

Parents strive to do all they can to keep their children safe. Yet you can’t always be with them and they need to be well aware of the risk of dog attacks. Let them know the risks but don’t scare them. Make sure they never try to pet or approach any dog they don’t know. They shouldn’t take action that would upset the dog or make it feel that it was under attack.

Children need to come inside right away if they see a dog out there on its own without anyone taking care of it. An adult should try to do all they can to find out who the owner is. They may need to call animal control to come pick up the dog so it isn’t a threat to anyone else. Make sure children know to never approach the dog, to take food from it, or to take away a toy. They also need to stay away from dogs that are sleeping. Mothers with pups can become aggressive if children get too close. They are simply trying to protect their offspring, but it can be dire consequences.

Take Action with your Own Dogs

You don’t want to be on the other side of this either. If you own a dog or several dogs, you must make reasonable efforts to ensure they can’t bite anyone else. Make sure they are securely in the yard and they can’t jump the fence. Make sure they have a collar on so it is easy for someone to know you are the owner. If they see your dog our or animal control does, they will have your address and phone number to reach you.

Insurance Claims

You may not be aware of this, but often a dog attack is covered by your homeowner’s insurance coverage. If you have renter’s insurance, check your policy to see if it does. The insurance company may contact you regarding a settlement offer. They may seem polite and helpful, but don’t be fooled. They want to take care of the payment fast to help reduce the cost to them. If you accept that offer, it is a closed case.

By reaching out to us, we can get you the full amount you are entitled to. We will look at all of the factors of your case. We will fight to get you the money you deserve for your pain, suffering, and if you can’t return to work. We do all we can to make sure you don’t get taken advantage of by an insurance company trying to avoid a bigger payout you are entitled to. Contact our New Jersey dog bite attorney right away to see what we can do to help you with your dog attack injury claim.

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