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Finding an Excellent New Jersey Accident Lawyer

There is no doubt accidents occur every single day around the New Jersey area. Such an accident can drastically change everything for you. The vehicle you own may be damaged or no longer drivable. You or others in your vehicle may be seriously injured. You need an attorney who specializes in personal law to handle all of this for you. Don’t assume the insurance of the other party or even your own insurance company is going to go out of their way to compensate you.

Reaching out to us as soon as you can will help get the case moving forward. We can get a statement from you and information about the events that unfolded. We can talk to any witnesses and find out what they saw. We can also look at photos of your vehicle, of injuries, and read reports from the hospital and from the police.

When you are the victim of a serious auto accident, it can have adverse effects on all areas of your life. It can take time for your health to get back to what it was. It can be stressful when you have unpaid bills due to not going to work. If your vehicle isn't drivable, now you struggle to get around and even to medical appointments. Your entire family can suffer too due to the stress and worry.

Accident Injury
Accident Injury

Get Help from a New Jersey Accident Attorney

Accidents may not be intentional, but they are the result of someone being careless. This can be someone who was speeding or distracted. They may have been on their cell phone or just not focused on their surroundings. They may have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol. There are many contributing factors that can result in an accident, even adverse weather conditions.

The goal of our law firm is to help you get the help and the compensation you deserve when someone else was at fault. Their insurance provider is going to do all they can to pay you the least amount of money. This is legal, even though we don’t see it as being ethical. Our job is to hold them accountable and to make sure they fairly compensate you.

It is hard to handle the insurance company and all your bills and your health at the same time. Allow us to help you so all you need to focus on is getting rest and getting better. We know the laws and we will apply them to pursue a personal injury claim on your behalf. We will also make sure your rights are going to be protected.

Types of Accident Injury Claim

There is a high number of accidents every single day in New Jersey. Some of them are minor and others result in trips to the emergency room. There are patients admitted to hospitals due to the extent of such injuries. They can include going through emergency surgery. In other situations, there are deaths resulting from those accidents when someone was careless.

Never skip going to the ER to seek medical attention. You may think you are just fine after such an accident. However, in the hours following it or even the next day you may discover you don’t feel right. It is always best to be seen by a doctor to have that documentation. If you do feel worse in the following days, go back to the ER or go see your regular doctor

There are different laws that will apply for personal injury claim, depending on the type of accident injury claim that you were the victim of. For example, a vehicle crash is very different than a slip and fall case. Both will require action to prove another part was at fault in order to have a claim. We understand how complex each case can be. We also know the specific laws that apply to such cases. The most common ones we see include:

  • Dog bites – An aggressive dog may bite or attack you. The owner needs to be held liable for what took place when their dog got loose. This is because the dog is considered to be their property and their responsibility by the New Jersey laws. Often, their homeowner’s insurance will take care of such a claim
  • Slip and fall – With a slip and fall case, you may have serious injuries. You are just walking along and then you fall due to something spilled or ice not being removed. Property owners have a legal responsibility in New Jersey to make reasonable efforts to keep those areas safe for others.
  • Vehicles – We see a large number of vehicle related personal injuries cases at our firm. This can involve another vehicle, a motorcycle, a bus, or even a semi-truck. Some of our cases involve planes, trains, or boats too. If you were riding in your own vehicle and there was a collision, you may have a claim. If you used public transporation and there was an incident, you may have a claim. This also applies if you were walking and got hit by a vehicle.
Accident Injury

Personal Injury Claim at Work

While some occupations have a higher risk, all workplace locations can be the spot of a personal injury. Your employer has a legal obligation to provide you with a safe environment to work in at all times. If you do experience any time of injury, you need to follow the laws and file a workman’s compensation claim immediately.

We also want you to know you can reach out to us and file a second case at the same time. You can also file a 3rd party personal injury claim. We recommend doing this because workman’s compensation is only going to cover your medical bills and a portion of your wages. The second claim can help you to recoup above and beyond that. There may be a vendor or other party besides your employer that is responsible, either in part or in whole, and we can help you to file a case against them.


Sadly, the number of reported assaults are on the rise in public locations around New Jersey. They can also take place on private property. Often, we find in such cases there wasn’t a sufficient amount of security in place. This can put you and others at risk when you are there. If you the victim of an assault, and we can help prove a lack of security played a role in it, you may have a personal injury claim against that property owner.

We have to look at each case uniquely due to the many variables that can be in motion. We recommend you reach out to us as soon as you can to discuss your case. We can look at your information, we can ask questions to help us understand what happened, and we can share with you if we feel you have a personal injury case to pursue. With decades of legal cases to our credit, we know the law and how it would apply in your situation.

Experience Matters When Hiring a New Jersey Accident Injury lawyers

You need seasoned legal help with a personal injury case. They can be challenging and they can be complex. We will do all we can to make sure you get fair compensation under the laws in New Jersey. The amount of money we can help you to receive will depend on what happened, your injuries, any damages to personal property, and other variables. We are proud of our extremely high success rate of getting claims paid for our clients

Factors for a Personal Injury Claim in New Jersey

There are several elements that must be present for any personal injury case to be filed successfully in New Jersey. They include:

  • Damages
  • Evidence
  • Liability


There has to be specific types of damages that occurred. This can be to your body or to property you own. They can include:

  • Bodily injuries
  • Pain and suffering
  • Anxiety and emotional distress
  • Damages to your vehicle or other property
  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages


Such legal claims require a great deal of evidence. This can include any video surveillance of the location. It can include pictures of injures or damages to a vehicle. It can also include witness statements of what they saw take place. In order to pursue such a claim, we need to find out who is responsible for your injuries and the extent of those injuries and the extent of other damages.

There is no exception with the evident part of a personal injury claim. We must be able to prove the other party was at fault. Otherwise, there isn’t any insurance company out there that will cover any of the requested funding to cover anything. As your attorney, we will start to investigate and gather necessary evidence immediately.


Someone other than you must be at fault for the accident which caused your injuries. This could be another driver who ran into you because you were stopped at a red light. It can be business owner who didn’t clear away the snow and ice from the entrance to that store. The insurance provider for that homeowner, business owner, or vehicle owner is the one who will be responsible for providing compensation on their behalf.

Why get a New Jersey Accident Attorney?

While you can pursue a personal injury case in New Jersey on your own, it will be extremely difficult to get your desired outcome. The insurance company on the other end of it will be eager to work with you. They will try to give you a quick settlement of a very low amount. Once you accept it, the case is closed and they can’t be held liable for more later on.

Yet you may not know the extent of your injuries immediately. You may not have all of the medical bills associated with your recovery yet. Do you know how long you will be unable to return to work? We will account for all of those variables in the settlement amount we ask for on your behalf. It is wise to have a good attorney skilled with such cases negotiating for you.

The last thing you want is to stress over the case. You have enough on your plate to think about and to take care of. Let us take care of all of this so you can focus on your health and your family. You don’t want to get taken advantage of, and we will never let any insurance company do that to you. We know the legal process inside and out, and we will explain it to you.

An insurance company can talk in circles to you, but not to us. They can put you on a backburner, but they know we will pursue the case aggressively. They can ignore your calls and letters but they know they can’t do that with us or we will see them in court. Typically, we can get our clients three times more money than they would be able to get on their own.

No Cost Upfront

We believe in what we do and why we do it. We realize this personal injury has changed your household and your finances. That is why we never ask you for any cost upfront. We don’t get paid until you receive a settlement. If we can’t win your case, you never pay us anything. We will use our knowledge of the law and our resources to ensure you get the very best representation as your NJ accident lawyer!

Going up against a huge insurance company all by yourself is a losing battle. We often see people with regrets because they did so. We want to make sure you feel well represented and you get your needs met. We also want to hold those responsible for such carelessness accountable so they are less likely to engage in such behaviors again in the future.

The sooner you contact us to schedule a free consultation with our NJ accident lawyer, the more we can do for you. Valuable information and evidence can be harder to find when the days and weeks have gone by after the incident occurred. It doesn’t cost you anything but a small bit of time to share the story with us and let us help to determine if you do indeed need New Jersey accident injury lawyers.

If you like what we have to offer, you can hire us to represent you and we will get the process in motion. If you don’t find what we offer to be something you seek, there is no further obligation and you will never get a bill from us. We want you to be well informed about your rights and your options, and then you can make a choice that works for you by talking to our New Jersey accident lawyer.

Accident Injury

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